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    7.8 °C
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    94.3 %
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    nie je v prevádzke
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Relax centre

Wellness centre is situated in the main building of Resort Levoča Valley. There is an indoor swimming pool, 3 saunas (Finnish, steam, infra), rest room and ice bucket for good blood circulation. The pool is 6 meters long and 150 cm deep, the temperature is between 32 and 35°C. In the swimming pool there is back-flow, massage bench and gutter spout. If you are interested there are massages provided in the wellness centre- it is needed to book in advance.

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Bio swimming pool and fishing

Relaxation area of ​​the spa resort Levočská Dolina consists of 3 reservoirs - pond, swimming pool and external biology. There are 2 buffets (POC PIC and Žubrienka), preschool, social facilities, sandpit for children (skittles, swing) and trampoline. During the summer season, various musical events associated with grilling or goulash cooking are organized on the newly built stage.

For fishing we offer the possibility of fishing in a pond deep within a maximum of 3 meters. The main species in the pond is rainbow trout, served with a Russian jester and a Siberian jester, of American salmonid salmon. Fish are kept in a natural way, such as a jellyfish and a throat. In order to maintain the condition of the water in the pond, fish fish on artificial baits. The client will also receive a shoemaker, pean (hooks for pulling hooks) and artificial baits (the hunting method). There is also a cleaning area for the fish, the customer is able to process the fish himself, or the cleaning is done by our staff. Fish waste is disposed of in accordance with applicable legislation. Fishing flies are not needed for fishing, staff provide advice and provide training for complete beginners. After fish fishing, the customer purchases the fish or, if necessary, he can hook it up in the area of ​​the biokúpalisko. If the customer does not want the fish to grill himself, this service is provided by the Levočská Dolina Resort Restaurant, during the summer season the POC PIC buffet.

Swimming pool
Bio swimming pool Levočská Dolina is one of the youngest swimming pools of its kind in Slovakia. Children's pool area reaches a depth of max. 90 cm, the entry zone has an anti-skid base. Swimming area reaches max. 220 cm. The volume of the tank is 1800 m3. There are shallow gravel zones along the edge of the bathing pool, through which water is pumped into external biology. Thanks to water pumping, the required water quality and purity is achieved. Surface impurities are removed by functional skimmers, proper water conditioning, and the functionality of biology complements the aeration system. Regular water measurements by technicians and the Public Health Service are a guarantee of the quality and safety of water. The temperature of the water depends on the temperature of the air and the weather, its value is between 22-26 ° C.

External biology
External biology ensures trouble-free running of the water bath and disposal of the impurities produced. Coarse impurities are removed by a self-cleaning filter. Fine impurities are removed by the biological process - through the root system of plants and by filtration through the gravel.

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Ski centre

Ski resort of Resort Levoča valley is suitable for experienced as well as for less experienced skiers. There are 4 ski slopes (kids 270m, racing 850m, family 1050m, and traverse 1130m) which are treated regularly with made technical snow. During the winter season there are 4 ski lifts open: H 130 - 850 m, H 130 - 713 m, P - 210 m and kids ski rope lift - 60 m.

Parking places, ski school and ski school for children, service and rent ski are available for skiers. Below the ski slope there is a restaurant and a cabin bar. Beautiful views of near nature as well as far High Tatras enjoy the skiers while skiing during the day or in the evening.

In the near surrounding of our resort there are about 10 km long serviced ski tracks for winter sports lovers.

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The resort's surrounding is interwoven with marked cycling trails. Nowadays there are more than 280 km of biking trails of different difficulty (yellow, green, blue, red) in the Levoča Hills and the surrounding area.

For more information about possible cycling trips to the surrounding area, visit:

Levoča valley Resort offers cyclists in addition to renting mountain biked and electric bikes, a wide range of services- providing tools for simple bicycle repairs, pumps, spare parts, possible cleaning of the bike, bike storage, clothes washing, battery recharging for e-bikes and many others.
We have 20 mountain bikes for adults, 3 children's mountain bikes and 6 SCOT e-bikes. We rent bicycles together with helmets, a small pocket for small repairs and, if necessary, child seats.

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In the afternoon and in the evening, the bowling bar is open to both guests and the general public. There are 2 bowling lanes, billiards, darts, table football, a play station, and a car simulator. The space of the bowling bar can also be used to organize smaller family celebrations or training sessions. The maximum capacity of the bowling bar is 40 people.

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Among other activities, fitness enthusiasts can use the gym in the main building. Available are dumbbells, ball fit, running belt, stationary bike, bench, power tower and other power machines.

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